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Guitar Head amplifier


Vladimir Poljushchukovsky, a St. Petersburg developer and manufacturer of guitar equipment, created his 100-Watt guitar amplifier Heavy Duty in 1990.

The model was renamed to «P-100 PETEЯSBURG», as Mario Pellarin suggested, to make the brand sound more «Russian» and it was decided to use the red-yellow trademark.

Soon afterwards the «P-100 PETEЯSBURG» became popular among musicians all over the world.

In 2009 Vladimir Poljushchukovsky’s and Alexander Molchanov`s firm «TUBEVOICE» restarted production of the legendary amplifiers.


Rated Power100W RMS
Loaded speakers4, 8, 16 Ohms
FeaturesFoot Switchable Channels
Preamp tubes8 x 12AX7
Power tubes4 x 6L6
Power Supply115VAC/230VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions740mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 265mm (H)
Weight23,2 kg

The Sounds of Silence
See you dead (Live at S.R.C.)

«Highway Star» • Mark Ivanov
(he is 12 years old)

Alexander Senyushin represents amp...

«Purple Haze» Jimi Hendrix Cover.

Dejimato (デジマート) tests...

Playing Jimmy SAKURAI.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin • 2007.
Robert Plant & Jimmy Page

Irvine, CA. 3 Oct 1995
Jm.Page & R.Plant


Guitar amplifiers and cabinets.

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